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What is AUTISM 360° IGNITE Program?
Autism 360 is a first-of-its-kind personalized program that is designed specifically to empower parents to be in the driver's seat as far as the development of their kids are concerned, and not having to rely on specialists such as OT, Special Eds, Behavior & Speech pathologists on a day to day basis. Watch the video below to learn more.
First Ever Autism Parenting Coaching for Parents!
  • One of One Coaching: Weekly mentoring by Autism Parenting Coach
  • 360 Development: Training across all developmental deficit areas of your child
  • 300+ Autism Resources: that are ready to download and also shipped to you
  •  1000+ Minutes of Video Training: Across communication, speech, social interaction, learning, sensory and daily living skills
  • Support community: of hundreds of parents navigating through similar challenges
  •  Mindset Coaching: Every fortnight, to help you get rid of negative feelings and stay laser focused on your child's developmental goals
  •  Guest Webinars: Live every week, with internationally reputed experts in the field 
What are Autism 360° focus areas?
Autism 360° is all about the overall socio-behavioral development of your child. All members of the club get personalised parental coaching across the following areas of development for kids on the spectrum: 
  • Communication: skills for effective two-way interaction
  • Learning: Proven teaching and learning strategies that work
  • Cognitive: skills development for overall well-being
  •  Behavioural: development across most common settings
  •  Social: skills development for effective integration
  •  Daily Living: skills development for regular essentials

How can you get selected?
Application is Free! Click the button on this page to start your Application.
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What Results you're Gonna get?
3 Developmental goals met for your child
You set those goals for your child and you achieve them - while our team of experts hand-hold you all along the way
Measurable Improvement in your child's social skills 
After completion of the 6 months program, you will see significant improvement in your child's social & communication skills

70% Less Dependency
on Special Eds and OTs 
After completion, you will see up-to 70% reduction in requiring specialized help on a day to day basis
Make a friend for Life 
our Buddy-matching system
A buddy is another parent in the program, preferably in your region with very similar challenges. Exchange ideas based on different perspectives
Speed Dial Access to specialist providers
No need to book appointments. Our Autism Coach, Special Eds, Speech and Behavior therapists will be on your speed dial
100% More Confidence in managing on your own
At the end of 6 months - you will be equipped with all the skills, strategies and resources to manage things on your own, for upcoming years.
What People Are Saying:
My 5 year old Evan would start school this year. Having completed the Ignite program with Ash, I feel very confident. I can now create my own strategies to ensure that he doesn't fall behind in school and his Autism related deficits are adequately taken care of.
- Andrew Mills, VIC
As a special education teacher for one of the public schools in upper North Shore, the resources and coaching provided to me by Ash has been super helpful. I have started using those strategies in my classroom and they are already delivering results
- Dale Cameron, NSW
Joining Autism 360 has been one of the best investments I have made for my family. Ash and his team's guidance has been invaluable to help me understand the challenges faced by my 8 year old ASD twins. As a parent, I now see infinite potential in my kids. #feelingEmpowered 
- Tricia Alice, QLD
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